without you this cannot work

There are several ways you can participate in this project and have a lasting impact.



You can start with liking our Facebook page and sharing it, or tag #100Stone #100Stoneproject on Instagram or Twitter. We need your help to reach as far as possible. And, thanks to Rasmuson Foundation and Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, this summer we have reached beyond the central road system into rural communities across Alaska. 

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It continues to be our goal that we are entirely funded by entities built to support projects like ours. We still have a funding gap of $20,000. If you are part of such organization, foundation, trust or agency that is interested in being a part of this movement, please invite us to speak with you, your contemporaries, or your board. 

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Be a part of this movement by helping put all the pieces in place. Whether it's being a part of the labor, or supporting those laboring, your presence means everything. Your feet on the ground and face in the crowd shows each of us who are still in hiding that we are seen and heard, and that we have allies. 

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Part of this project is the elucidation and demystification of our conditions, and normalization of our experiences. In order to do this we must join in solidarity to shed our shame so we might be a catalyst of change in the cultural attitudes that keep those of us who experience emotionally burdensome conditions isolated and fearful. It is your truth that will empower someone in need to reach beyond their closets into the light. Whether you tell it in word or symbol, revealing it is the key.

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