Project Lead

Sarah is an artist, educator, program designer and project manager. She has worked in the non-profit sector and public school system for sixteen years, always in service to the most vulnerable populations of our communities. Sarah holds graduate, undergraduate, and professional credentials in general and special education, design and fabrication. She is skilled in wood, metal and fiber sculpture, jewelry design, and digital photography. 

Although the medium, method and scale of her work varies, Sarah’s creative lens is always focused on alternate dimensions of human and natural experience. Her work has an eerie other-worldly yet familiar quality to it, ever illuminating of the sides of our shared human experience that are elusive to articulation. The beauty she captures lies in her ability to manifest that which so many of us struggle to speak—truth. 

Also, she does a spot-on impression of her car.


Community Engagement Coordinator

Brian is a writer and performer, workshop facilitator, and former radio host on KNBA. His original performance work has included the ‘20th Century Man’ series; ‘Taxi Tales’; ‘Naked’; and ‘Nihongo Neophyte’. His poetry and prose appears in recent issues of Cirque Journal and F Magazine, and readings of his poetry and prose and episodes of The Radio Show recently aired on KONR. The Radio Show Archives are also available on Cirque Journal’s Audio and Podcast page. He can be seen live with Venus Transit during the Spenard Jazz Fest and drops in from time to time on an open mic or two. Brian has a 30-year history working with youth as a mental health professional, and currently is the Wellness Associate Program Coordinator and Group Facilitator at Covenant House Alaska.

He can also balance a stick on the end of his finger for a surprisingly long time.

Photo by Mary Katzke

Photo by Mary Katzke


Clay Specialist

Ed is a “Silver Hand Artist” living in Anchorage, Alaska. His mother is Inupiat from Point Hope and his father is from Massachusetts. Ed has a degree in civil engineering and a fine arts degree in print making from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Ed has developed a unique tile clay body using the glacial clay from the Cook Inlet mud flats next to Anchorage, composed of rich effluvial deposits from the surrounding mountains. Many of his tiles are made with an old-fashioned etching press, and with copper or mat board plates. He mixes his own glazes and fires to cone six in electric kilns.

Also, he can see small animals fairly quickly, and follow well-written instructions well.


Landscape Design

Catherine Shenk has worked in horticulture for fifteen years, designing and installing interior and exterior tableaus.  She is currently the supervisor of landscaping and horticulture at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Previous to her horticulture career she was a successful small business owner operating a shop in downtown Anchorage called The Rage.  This shop was an artfully constructed landscape of historically significant artifacts, attentively arranged to represent the stories of lives and families past with reverence and respect.  She also worked with Buzz-O-Plex Productions as a puppeteer for a decade.  You may have (not) seen her manipulating marionettes in productions of Don Giovanni, Pagliacci, Petrushka, and numerous vignettes. Catherine has a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in history, literature and art.  She is also a student of life whose experience and skills span a wide range of genres.  

Also, dogs can tell where she is pointing.